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Software solutions for vehicle leasing brokers - Merlin Wizard Comparison

Are you a vehicle leasing broker considering your options? Do you need a vehicle management solution or client lease management system and are considering the merlin wizard system? Or, are you are an existing merlin wizard broker looking to review your provider?

In today's market, contract hire and leasing brokers need to have the best tools available to them. All we ask is that you also consider the Calas system from Automotive Media Systems Ltd before you make your final decision.

We are the most established software provider in the current market for both lease management systems and vehicle management solutions for contract hire and leasing brokers. The benefits of our system can be seen within our website but if you give us a call we will provide a full, no obligation, online demonstration of our software solution.

Comparison chart

Merlin Wizard
Extra Commission Earnings Potential
Car, Van & Bike Insurance
GAP Insurance
Deals that can be Advertised
Personal Contract Hire
Business Contract Hire
Finance Lease
Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)
Contract Purchase
Lease Purchase
Hire Purchase (HP)
Outright Purchase
Used Vehicles with VRM Lookup to DVLA databas
SEO & Google
Google Analytics & reporting
User Friendly Website URL Structure
Recommend Google Apps
Integrated Company Blog working with Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin
Online Finance Application Forms
Is your software provider also a competing broker to you
Vehicle database powered by the leading data provider CAP?
Email Marketing facilities
Invoicing System
CRM (Customer relationship management)

Call us today on 01253 364 364 or complete our demo request application form by visiting here.

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