Password protected leasing broker websites

Need to password protect your website or just a singular page?

Calas have now released the ability to password protect either the whole website or individual pages within the site.

Many of our clients wish to run affiliated websites for either one affiliated partner or several, with them only being able to view the site being via a password.

Now with a Calas leasing broker website you can do just that, you will be able to create specific landing pages for each affiliate providing each affiliate with a unique password taking them to their own branded landing page or just select a singular password to access the whole site. The are various options as to how you can set this up.

Or, rather than password protecting the whole site to gain access you could just password protect an individual page.

Again these password protected pages could be utilised for all sorts of concepts, such as competitions, promotions etc.

Password protected leasing broker websites

12th October 2020

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