Website enhancements - Sticky Headers

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Sticky/Fixed Website Headers

You can now select to have either a "Fixed Sticky" header or footer on your website.

Sticky headers are popular, for example it allows you to fix your main menu so that as a user scrolls down your website it remains visible at all times.

However there are perceived Pros & Cons for having a sticky header, so the choice is yours:

Considered Pros:

Time saving - You have probably experienced this before, scrolling endlessly to go back to the menu bar on the very top after realising that you were browsing the wrong page. With sticky header, however, users are able to jump to different sections easily as the menu bar always appears on the screen.

Good navigation - So, it is the fastest and the most useful way to access to the right information for the end users and is good for user navigation.

Branding effect - It also helps you build your brand as your brand logo/name will always be there on the page as they scroll.

Considered Cons:

Screen space - A sticky header tends to eat up some valuable space particularly on a smaller monitor and some studies show that some users may find it disruptive to the ‘natural flow’ of the web page.

Website enhancements - Sticky Headers

29th April 2021

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