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Vehicle Leasing Franchise

Are you currently thinking of a career change or maybe you are already in the Automotive Industry and are considering investing into a Vehicle Leasing Franchise Opportunity, then here is another option to consider.

As you will be finding there are so many things to consider before committing yourself to a particular franchise, such as choosing the right one for you, how much initial investment you will need to spend, how much support you will actually receive and many more.

Although Calas is not a franchise offering you are your own boss, your own destiny & your own brand, with no renewal options to have to consider!

If you are therefore thinking of investing into a Franchise in the Automotive industry whether it be a Vehicle Leasing Franchise, Van Leasing Franchise, Vehicle Leasing Broker Franchise, Car Franchise website or indeed a Car Leasing Franchise then why not consider joining Calas instead.

What is a Franchise?

Typically a franchise is a right granted to an individual or group to market a company's goods or services usually within a certain territory or location, usually for a specific time with an option to renew.

The franchisor is there to help give you the opportunity to build your own successful business utilising their systems, processes, skills, knowledge, brand and support, giving advice and assistance where necessary.

But choosing the wrong franchise partner could be costly.

What is Calas?

Calas is NOT a franchise but a software company that has been in development now for many years and is a product specifically written for clients who operate as or wish to operate as Vehicle Leasing Brokers, we provide not only the Leasing Brokers website but also a full Client Management System, Marketing facilities and much more...

Not being a franchisee of another company allows you to develop your own brand, be your own boss and does not put any restrictive trading on yourself, in terms of territory restriction or products/deals that you can sell to your clients.

What does Calas stand for?

Calas is an acronym for Countrywide Automotive Leasing Administration System, as the name suggests we have Vehicle Leasing Brokers using our software all over the country including Scotland, England & Wales.

What does it cost?

The full cost of our systems including what you get for your money can be found here, but prices start from as little as £495 + VAT initial setup fee.

What next?

There are clear differences between what we offer and what a potential Franchise offers.

In order to find out more about our car leasing broker software then either, please email , request a demonstration or call us on 01253 364 364 and a member of our team will be happy to help.

Look forward to speaking to you soon.

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